The Alpha-6

Galactic Engineering Corporation Deep Space Freighter AM-K400 series

The Galactic Engineering Corporation has established itself as the longest running production line leader
of the industry. Producing everything from the smallest shipping rigs to the largest scale deep space haulers
and frigates, anything in the cargo hauling and transportation industries can be found on the assembly lines
of GEC.
Tough and reliable, the AM-K400 is the newest model deep space freighter. 100.8 meters in length, the ship
is specifically designed to carry raw materials from planet to planet. The AM-K400 incorporates the latest
technology and equipment. Powered by a Proton-580 fusion power core, it has enough energy output to
sustain performance levels for long expeditions and sustain its DurTech TC-400 Deflector Shields even after
the heaviest beating. It has enough carrying capacity to store large quantities of raw goods for interplanetary
travel, making each trip worth the cost.
Specially adapted to its role as a freighter, it has a loading dock in the rear of the ship equipped with an
industrial strength docking arm and crane, and it is capable of bearing loads in excess of 10,000 kg. It also
houses a small garage with an all-terrain loading and docking freight buggy, perfect for delivering goods
straight to the warehouse as soon as the shipment is delivered.
Armed with 2 Nikon-6 Heavy Laser Cannons hidden in the fore of the ship, it has enough fire power to defend
itself against space pirates hoping to steal the cargo or to blast away any space debris. It also incorporates
a large radar and sensor package with the latest advancements in stellar communication, making it easy to
identify any threats before they’re close enough to be a danger. Its engine bay houses the best in its class:
10 class A Imperator 3000C Proton fusion drives, for the necessary drive thrust to carry the large cargo typical
of its use.
This particular model, given the designation Alpha-6, was appropriated from the shipyards of the Gal-Thax
Mining Corporation on Daelleris Prime by Ace Fenyar and Kain Mojo during an attack by the military forces of
Solinar. They and a small ragtag crew were barely able to get past the blockade in one piece with an exceptional
amount of luck. They managed to take out one Heavy Cruiser by dumping the freight buggy into its command
bridge. Aside from a few breaches in the hull and the loss of one of its engines, the Alpha-6 managed to take
Fenyar and Mojo to the remote world of Tundarra where they disposed of the vessel and got transported back
to the more civilized parts of the galaxy.

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